Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Programme

Job opening: Executive Director for NTFP-EP Malaysia

March 29, 2017

The Non-Timber Forest Products – Exchange Programme (NTFP-EP) Malaysia is a locally registered organization that is part of the NTFP-EP network operating in 6 countries including Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, India and Vietnam. NTFP-EP Malaysia’s office is based in Miri, Sarawak.

NTFP-EP works with community and local partners to empower forest–dependent communities through programmess on community conservation and resource management, indigenous food and health, tenure rights and good governance and sustainable community livelihood development locally, nationally and where relevant regionally. We work especially in the field of NTFPs (non-timber forest products) and the related community based livelihood strategies, integrating culture, gender rights and democratic values. In Malaysia, we work mainly but not exclusively in Sabah and Sarawak with much exchanges with our partner civil society organizations (CSO) within Malaysia and across borders.

NTFP-EP Malaysia is looking for an


Reporting to and guided by the Board of Directors, the Executive Director of NTFP-EP Malaysia will lead the organization to achieve its strategic direction supported by staff and working closely with NTFPEP Malaysia partners, and where relevant, in alliance with the NTFP-EP network particularly NTFP-EP Asia (NTFP-EP network’s regional office).

The Executive Director will continue to develop the NTFP-EP Malaysia programme in line with its vision, mission, goal and strategic plan of action and in consultation with community and CSO partners.

The Executive Director is also a member of the NTFP-EP Regional Management Team that confers at least every two months to review the region-wide progress of NTFP-EP and provide mutual support and co-leadership in the implementation of NTFP-EP strategic direction.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Facilitates the ongoing development of the NTFP-EP Malaysia programme and country partners in coordination and collaboration with the various communities, CSOs, and other stakeholders when applicable, including government agencies, academia and the private sector in Malaysia.
  2. Facilitates the development and implementation of strategies in line with NTFP-EP’s vision, mission, goal and strategic plan of action including support of partner programmes and activities on community based conservation, subsistence, land and access rights, community-based livelihood and enterprise development, policy advocacy and other related activities.
  3. Provides and coordinates necessary backstopping and technical assistance to partner CSOs and individuals.
  4. Assists in the coordination and implementation of inter-country, cross-country or regional activities within the NTFP-EP network or with other civil society partners or alliances.
  5. Assists in the development of the NTFP-EP Malaysia networks (formal or informal) in Malaysia and where necessary or desirable in other relevant countries.
  6. Implements policy advocacy efforts with relevant federal and state government agencies i.e. respective forestry departments in relation to ntfp development and community or social forestry and related issues.
  7. Provides guidance and supervision to NTFP-EP staff based in Malaysia.
  8. Maintains contacts, explores potential projects and develops proposals with the donor community in Malaysia and abroad to establish support for NTFP-EP Malaysia and partners’ programmes.
  9. Coordinates, monitors and provides evaluation of relevant reports for relevant partners.
  10. Prepares and facilitates the development of reports, studies and papers for programme development and reporting purposes.
  11. Monitors financial statements prepared by relevant staff and the Finance and Administration Officer; and
  12. Leads, facilitates and ensures the engagement and representation of NTFP-EP Malaysia in NTFP-EP regional initiatives.

Education, Knowledge and Experience

  1. Candidate must possess at least a Masters Degree in Social Sciences, Political Economy, Political Sciences or other related disciplines.
  2. Knowledge in community development, sustainable resource management, conservation and policy advocacy of the same is an added advantage.
  3. Proficiency in spoken and written English.
  4. Good computer skills.
  5. Minimum 5 years work experience in a local or regional NGO, CSO or related field.
  6. Has management experience and good facilitation skills.
  7. Has initiative and proven ability to work independently and in a team.
  8. Has good interpersonal and networking skills and is comfortable in working with a diverse range of groups and individuals.
  9. Full-Time position.
  10. A Malaysian and preferably based in Miri, Sarawak.

If you’re interested please send an updated CV and a cover letter to the following emails:

  1. Joanna de Rozario –
  2. Llana Domingo –