Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Programme

Editorial: Voices No. 6

June 28, 2003

You will find here for the time being the final issue of the bulletin ‘Voices from the Forest’. This issue starts with an article with news on the Exchange Programme, highlighting activities and developments in India, the Philippines, Sarawak, Vietnam and Indonesia.

There is a short report of the two-day NTFP meeting, which took place in Jagdalpur, the capital of the district of Bastar, Central Eastern India. About 35 people from different parts of India were involved in discussions. Three main NTFP-related issues emerged and were focused upon:
– policies and rights;
– markets and value-addition;
– depleting resource base.

Some highlights of the discussion are included in this report. Please note that more details can be found in the minutes, which is available on request.

Another article “Participatory Inventory of Rattan” shares in quite some detail the proceedings and outcome of 2 workshops around the topic of “Community self monitoring and inventory’s of NTFPs”. The workshops were respectively held in East Kalimantan and Negros Occidental.

Finally, the bulletin includes a review on publications, a limited number of copies of which are available free of charge for EP partners and major contacts in the region.

One more article on the Bolsa Amazonia experience in Brazil may be inserted in this issue of Voices at a later date.

Contributions (preferably with pictures!) and reactions are most welcome.