Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Programme

Madhu Duniya 2007: Gearing up for a sweet time

November 26, 2007

Araku Valley, Vishakapatnam, India

The NTFP Exchange Programme for South and Southeast Asia is organising the Madhu Duniya (translated as “Honey World”) conference which will bring together local NGOs, forest-based communities, researchers, government and the private sector in the region, including those from the countries of Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh and India.

Set to take place in the lap of the forested Eastern Ghats of India, Madhu Duniya will encourage honey gatherers and NGOs working with these communities to share knowledge, exchange technologies and information. It will be an occasion for a broad exchange of ancient traditions, new approaches and

diverse cultural manifestations.


A Tagbanua from Port Barton shows off a harvested honeycomb from the forests of Palawan, Philippines (NATRIPAL)

Some issues up for discussion will be related to tropical honey, its collection by indigenous communities, sustainable harvesting methods and tools, and honey quality and marketing.

A cultural and product exhibition will also be organised in the venue and videos, publications, demos and posters on the issues surrounding honey will be available.  There will also be a site visit to one of the adivasi communities for field demonstration.

The programme is being jointly organised by Keystone Foundation, Nilgiris and LAYA, Vishakapatnam.

A detailed programme will be circulated soon.

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Madhu: Sanskrit for “honey.”  Madu, in Bahasa Indonesia, is a derivative of Madhu. Duniya: Urdu/Persian for “world”.