Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Programme

Sumbawa Honey: Sustainable Harvesting and Hygienic Filtering

August 30, 2016

The majority of Sumbawa forest dwelling peoples are dependent on forest honey for their livelihoods. From tall trees on slopes or in the forest valley, these people climb and risk their lives to harvest honey.

Communities hand-in-hand with the Sumbawa Forest Honey Network (JMHS – Jaringan Madu Hutan Sumbawa), with assistance from the Indonesian Forest Honey Network (JMHI – Jaringan Madu Hutan Indonesia), have changed their methods of honey processing from a squeezing method to a filtering method to maintain the quality of the honey. On the harvesting side, they are practicing sustainable harvesting methods.

Since then, buyers now recognize JMHS as a trusted source of high quality forest honey. At the regency level, the Regent proudly supports this effort to make forest honey as the icon for Sumbawa and Honey Day initiatives.

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