Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Programme

Forest Harvest

January 29, 2017

Forest Harvest is a collective mark that aims to highlight the forest source and sustainability of products, starting from those coming from community partners of the Non-Timber Forest Products–Exchange Program (NTFP-EP) network. It covers all non-timber forest products that are harvested from the forests, whether from the wild or already cultivated sources.

The label guarantees that the products meet three parameters:

Traceable Forest Source

Using Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS) or other monitoring systems in place, products or the materials used can be traced back to well-managed community forest, whether wild or cultivated in home gardens of forest-based communities.


The product is harvested according to the agreed sustainable harvesting protocol for the product.

Good Quality

The product is produced according to market standards and meets existing product quality standards of the market, unless a different standard is agreed upon.