Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Programme

PARARA 2017: Keeping the Tradition, Caring for the Earth

October 13, 2017

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Panen Raya Nustantara (PARARA) aims to promote to urban communities the ecological and cultural value of products that have been crafted and brewed sustainably from different parts of the country.


Taking off from the success of the first PARARA in 2015, entrepreneurs from various communities-based organizations and indigenous peoples in Indonesia gathered once again not only to showcase products from the forest but also display their diverse cultural identities that are inextricably linked with the forest.


With the theme “Jaga Tradisi, Rawat Bumi” (keeping the tradition, caring for the Earth) this year’s PARARA highlights the important role of indigenous wisdom in maintaining Earth’s sustainability. As it has adapted to the changing times, the indigenous way of life has a long ancestry of synchronicity with nature– one that gives and takes to ensure that sources of life remain healthy and abundant.


PARARA 2017 is not just a celebration of this wisdom, but also a breakthrough for sustainable community enterprises. The festival aims to catalyze the linking of local communities to market opportunities and policy support. As PARARA opens again, the festival will be a common space to bring together producers, consumers, and other stakeholders to interact and collaborate towards promoting sustainable production and consumption in Indonesia.

PARARA showcases the value of coming in numbers as well as overcoming the struggles that they face as a community protecting the Earth and preserving their cultural integrity. Nightly music, morning yoga, flavorful food, insightful talk shows, and vibrant community products are just some of the attractions in Jakarta this weekend. As the festivities open today and run until Sunday, 15 October at Taman Menteng, Jakarta we invite you to take part in PARARA 2017!

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