Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Programme

How to guarantee sustainability and fairness in community-based NTFP businesses

December 20, 2017

Local communities, embarking on NTFP enterprises may have different starting points: some may already be working on various products, some may be looking at diversifying their product offerings, while others are expanding to be more inclusive to reach economies of scale. Whether enterprises are just starting out on this journey or are aiming for a fresh start after several failed first attempts, there is always a need for strategic decision-making in preparing and executing an NTFP enterprise.

This EXCEED training entitled Starting a community-based NTFP business: Guaranteed Sustainable and Fair will recommend what kind of information to collect, and what kind of skill sets you need for the kind of business you are establishing. While business preparation legal registration aspects are important, so are forming the right team as well as setting your strategy and your targets. In this training, NTFP-EP will guide participants given their individual contexts and situations, while sharing its experience on fair trade, sustainability, participatory certification and forest products labels.

By the end of the training, participants should be able to plot out the strategic steps and have the basic knowledge and skills to start their equitable and sustainable, community–based NTFP enterprises (CBNEs).

Specifically, the training aims to:

  1. Increase the knowledge capacity of trainees on CBNE establishment and management
  2. Increase the knowledge and capacity of trainees on fair trade and participatory certification systems

For more information, visit the EXCEED website.

 Photo by: Gordon John Thomas, PACOSTRUST