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Support needed for flooded villages in Kerala

August 18, 2018

KERALA, India – Deadly monsoon rains have been critically affecting parts of India, killing hundreds of people and displacing thousands. The torrential downpour that has been affecting Kerala has caused adjoining rivers to breach critical levels, calling it one of India’s worst flooding disaster in the century.

While around 300,000 people have been evacuated to emergency relief sites in the area, many remain stuck on trees and rooftops. Thousands of families are still trapped in remote areas with no electricity and supplies because of the heavily inundated roads that make rescue and relief extremely difficult for authorities.

Predictions on the weather have been unforgiving as more heavy rain and strong winds are forecasted over the weekend.

Though the government has been responsive, there are many areas requiring more support. As an organization, Keystone foundation has organized relief operations for 2 panchayats in Nilambur district.

Relief operations at Keystone Foundation, Mathew John, Keystone Foundation

Your support will go a long way. You can send your donations through the Keystone Foundation website through this link.