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The launch of the Salween Peace Park

January 15, 2019

HPA-PUN, Myanmar –  In a time of growing uncertainty about the peace process and the increasing displacement of marginalized peoples by conflict and large-scale investments, the Salween Peace Park represents the culmination of decades long efforts by Karen communities and leaders of Mutraw District to realize their holistic vision for a peaceful and sustainable life


“The Salween Peace Park initiative works for the purpose of bringing peace, freedom and security to the area. This is the land of Mutraw Indigenous Karen people. To preserve and protect our existing ancestral land, environment and culture, we established the Salween Peace Park initiative.” – Padoh Ten Der, Mutraw District Chairman

In December of 2018, the Salween Peace Park Committee and Karen Environmental and Social Action Network have launched the Salween Peace Park. Along with Karen traditional ceremonies and performances, the three-day event included discussions about Karen culture, sustainable livelihoods, and Karen peoples’ aspirations for peace and security.

During the launch, they have marked the ratification of the Salween Peace Park Charter, a community-developed document that embodies Karen communities’ aspirations for genuine peace and self-determination, environmental integrity and cultural preservation.

A memorial ceremony commemorating Saw O Moo, an indigenous leader and hero of the Salween Peace Park who was shot and killed in March, was also held.

The launch has been attended by the  Salween Peace Park Committee, Indigenous Karen communities from Mutraw, Karen Environmental and Social Action Network, other Karen civil society representatives and international experts

KESAN is a community-based, non-governmental, non-profit organization that works to improve livelihood security and to gain respect for indigenous people’s knowledge and rights in Karen State of Burma, where the violence and inequities of more than 60 years of civil war have created one of the most impoverished regions in the world. Kesan is NTFP-EP’s partner in Myanmar and the forerunner of the ICCA Working Group in the country.

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