Dear ICCA Consortium Members, Honorary members and partners in Southeast Asia,

We are pleased to invite you to the ICCA Consortium’s 2nd Southeast Asia Regional Assembly from 1-4 June 2020. This is a regular gathering of the Southeast Asia ICCA Regional Learning Network (RLN)-a network of members and partners of the ICCA Consortium in Southeast Asia particularly in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines and Vietnam. The gathering provides avenue for sharing and learning from each other about the territories of life in the region. This year’s gathering also aims to continue the ICCA Consortium’s regionalisation process in Southeast Asia. Hence, along side the gathering we will also hold our 2nd Regional Assembly for the ICCA Consortium’s Members and Honorary members in Southeast Asia to discuss our regional structure and representation to the global ICCA Consortium. A specific agenda for the Assembly will be shared later.

Objectives of the SEA Regional Assembly:

a. Gather updates from among countries in Southeast Asia and internationally in strengthening ICCAs—territories of life, and share emerging issues, challenges and current actions to address them;

b. Undertake key steps as part of the ICCA Consortium’s regionalisation process, including formulating and agreeing on structure, roles, working relationships, communication and mechanisms of representation;

c. Develop country and regional action plans,contributing to the ICCA Consortium’s overall thematic areas of work (i.e., documenting, sustaining and defending ICCAs—territories of life and cross-cutting issues of youth and gender).

d. Sharing indigenous peoples’ and local communities’ experiences with coping with the COVID-19 crisis and impacts on their ICCAs—territories of life.

This will be a virtual gathering organised through a series of events within four days(see details below). Some sessions are open to all of our ICCA RLN partners and ICCA Consortium Members and Honorary Members in Southeast Asia. Others are intended for ICCA Consortium Members and Honorary Members only,particularly where decisions are to be made. Zoom links for each session will be shared by the last week of May.

Green Intermediaries