Meet the Makers (MTM), a collective of Indonesian artisans and artisan advocates, is starting a campaign to assist artisans badly affected by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Markets for Indonesian artisans have broken down as a result of the pandemic. There is currently no way to get threads to weavers. Also prices of basic goods like sugar have almost doubled in far flung islands and a new school year is starting soon, which means impending expenses are piling up for many artisan mothers.

Meet the Makers, through collaboration with Bali-based Kaji Mundo and later with the Indonesian Heritage Society, are planning webinars and an online exhibition in the months to come. MTM is making it known that donations are already possible through Kaji Mundo. Interested parties have options to buy tickets to join their events regarding sustainable fashion and the artisan economy called “Pivot”. To make direct direct donations to Meet the Makers artisans via Kaji Mundo, donors may contact them

Along with webinar and online exhibition schedules, MTM will be sending a situationer on artisan partners and we will also be posting them here. We hope that the situation will soon become better for artisans, our culture bearers and source of local wisdom. Any support is most appreciated.

You may scroll to the end of the Kaji Mundo Pivot website to read more about the MTM and Kaji Mundo Pivot collaboration. There is also a short video which you can watch here.

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