Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Programme

Wild Foods, Customary Tenure Rights, Traditional Food Systems and Knowledge

October 9, 2020

This discussion focused on wild foods in relation to customary tenure rights, traditional food systems and knowledge. How does customary tenure support diverse food systems, the maintenance of wild foods and food security? We will take a look at the situation of customary tenure recognition, rotational farming, and forest food management and harvesting across different countries in Southeast Asia. This session was interactive and participants were assigned to breakout rooms to deepen the dialogue on challenges and opportunities for wild foods alongside recognition of customary tenure and traditional food systems. Inputs from the session shall form part of the recommendations that will be developed by the Expert Group for policy recommendations and advocacy.

Jeremy Ironside, NTFP-EP Trustee and a member of the Expert Group Steering Committee, moderated the session. He was joined by other expert group members and dialogue partners in providing insights on the theme.