Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Programme


September 2, 2021

A. cerana experts tackle standards, protocols in online workshop

Forest honey and bee experts from Asia, Australia and Europe gathered online last August 20, 2021 for the Apis cerana (Asian honey bee) Expert Consultation and Workshop to discuss sustainable harvest and management protocols for NTFPs, the Forest Harvest Collective READ MORE »

August 31, 2021

#StopTheSlapp: NTFP-EP joins call to drop defamation suit against SAVE Rivers

NTFP-EP Asia and NTFP-EP Malaysia have signed a letter along with a hundred organizations asking Malaysian timber giant Samling to withdraw its defamation suit against one of our partners, SAVE Rivers, and its board members. The suit claims SAVE Rivers READ MORE »

July 5, 2021

Statement of the Southeast Asia ICCA Consortium at the closing session of the 3rd ASEAN Conference on Biodiversity

Statement by Peter Kallang, Chairperson of the Southeast Asia Regional Council of the ICCA Consortium.For information about the conference, click here. Good morning ladies & gentlemen and thanks to the ASEAN Center for Biodiversity for this opportunity. I am delivering READ MORE »


October 6, 2021

Thoughts on the ASEAN Forest Honey Producers Consultation and Collective Labelling Discussion

How doth the little busy beeImprove each shining hour,And gather honey all the dayFrom every opening flower!How skillfully she builds her cell!How neat she spreads the wax!And labors hard to store it wellWith the sweet food she makes. — Excerpt READ MORE »

September 9, 2021

Continuing the work on forest foods and wild foods

Work in the nursery for wild food plants are on-going. Wild food plants have been raised or cultivated in the nursery from seed and are housed at the Adukkam Resource Centre. These include the very little known plants Olax scandens and Cansjhera rheedii, as well as some bamboo (Dendrocalamus strictus). Some of these food plants are READ MORE »

May 3, 2021

Reconnecting the individual in climate restoration

There is no debate regarding climate change: it’s real, it’s already happening at an alarming rate, and urgent action on an international scale is needed to mitigate its effects. But another debate divides the climate movement: do individual actions such READ MORE »

What are NTFPs

Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) are defined as "all biological materials, other than timber, which are extracted from forest for human use."