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May 28, 2004

Developing local regulations in the Meratus area

By Betty Ro Minar It was an interesting eight day journey to bakun, last November 23 to December 1, 2003, providing a good opportunity to visit the Kankanaey-Bago indigenous communities. These communities have been managing their customary land, or ancestral READ MORE »

May 28, 2004

Bastar to Philippines A pre-tour experience in Positive Thinking & Action

By Pratim Roy This is a true story. Arjun Singh Nag is a Bastari tribal from Chattisgarh in Central India. He is instrumental in running a forest cooperative – thereby providing livelihood opportunities to his people through collection of Non READ MORE »

May 28, 2004

Exchange News: September 2003 – March 2004

Activities and Developments: 1. Regional meeting in Bayabong, the Philippines Regional Meeting in Bayabong, the Philippines, October 2003. Main issue: Community NTFP Assessment and Monitoring strategies. The issue (which is quite a mouthful) was chosen, because many of the communities READ MORE »

May 28, 2004

Editorial: Voices No. 7

This 7th issue of the bulletin ‘Voices from the Forest’ contains, next to the exchange news, agenda and the announcement of new publication, six articles compiled by various people who are, in one way or the other, involved in the READ MORE »

June 28, 2003

Editorial: Voices No. 6

You will find here for the time being the final issue of the bulletin ‘Voices from the Forest’. This issue starts with an article with news on the Exchange Programme, highlighting activities and developments in India, the Philippines, Sarawak, Vietnam READ MORE »

June 28, 2003

Exchange News:May 2002 – April 2003

Activities and developments during the last year of the project are as follows: 1. India Two major meetings took place during the last 8 months, one in Ooty (Nilgiris) and one in Jagdalpur (Bastar). In both meetings a fine mix READ MORE »

June 28, 2003

“Jiwar” greetings from Bastar, the herbal state

by Jenne de Beer (Field Coordinator NTFP Exchange Programme) and Madhu Ramnath (LeAF) In February, a two-day NTFP meeting took place in Jagdalpur, the capital of the district of Bastar, Central Eastern India. After spending a night and a day READ MORE »

June 28, 2003

Participatory inventory of rattan: two workshops in Indonesia and Philippines

By Mary Stockdale, Benedicto Q. Sánchez, Ade Cahyat, Maria Theresa Brunia and M. Nasir INTRODUCTION Inventory (i.e. quantification) of a plant resource is an important first step for planning the resource’s management. Information on the quantity of the resource at READ MORE »