Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Programme

The Non-Timber Forest Products-Task Force, the Philippine programme of NTFP–EP was founded in 1998, as an offshoot of a conference entitled “Exploring Commercially Viable Community-based NTFP Enterprises – A Mechanism for Sustainable Resource Management.” It started as a mechanism responding to emerging needs of communities and assisting organizations working on NTFP Development.  Now, it has grown into a collaborative network of 15 NGOs and Peoples’ Organizations (POs) working on providing livelihood needs of forest dependent communities and on NTFP development in the context of sustainable tropical forest management.


From a mere desk and one person managing and implementing the programs of the organization, NTFP-TF is now composed of 15 program staff and two administrative and finance staff working on three main programs – Advocacy, Conservation and Resource Management and Enterprise Development. From being present in just a few provinces in the Philippines, NTFP TF is now working with more than 50 community based NTFP enterprises in 12 provinces.

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As it marks its 16th year, NTFP TF ventures into another milestone as it will be registered as a separate NGO from the regional organization. With this development, NTFP TF will now be known as NTFP EP Philippines.  A new name but with the same dedication and commitment to nurture forests and peoples in the Philippines.