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Training Courses & Advisory Services

EXCEED offers courses that cover various topics relating to community-based enterprise development. Specialized topics and need-based trainings are also developed to address challenges and opportunities in the field and accommodate needs of organizations. Course program for the year will be offered based on emerging needs of communities and their support groups. Trainings can also be scheduled based on demand of organizations.

The following topics are provided as training courses, learning opportunities for non-government organizations, government agencies and community organizations.

Community NTFP Enterprise Project Development and Management
  • Community Livelihoods Assessment and Products Scanning (CLAPS)
  • Project Development and Management
  • Impact monitoring and evaluation
  • CBNE Mentoring

Community-based NTFP Enterprise Development (CBNE) and Management
  • Operations Management
  • Production & Quality Control Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance Management
  • Internal Recording System

NTFP Specific Production and Enterprise Management
  • Systems and Standards Development
  • Product Development
  • Sustainable Harvesting Methods
  • Honey
  • Resin
  • Rattan
  • Others

Environmental and Resource Management Systems
  • NTFP Ecology
  • Community-Based NTFP Resource Management
  • Participatory Resource Management
  • IP Youth Camp on Conservation and Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices
  • Special Courses include:
  • Climate Change Proofing of Community-based NTFP Enterprises

Project management and facilitation services can also be provided to organizations that do not have an internal enterprise development program. Training tools, study tours, conferences around the given topics can also be developed and organized.

Customized Support

If you don't find what you need in the list, services can be customized to your specifications. Please contact us now to see how we can work together. Click to contact us.