Community Livelihood Assessment and Product Scanning (CLAPS): First Steps to Community-Based NTFP Enterprise Development


Community Livelihood Assessment and Product Scanning (CLAPS) aims to provide communities and organizations with an approach and tools in identifying and selecting products and services with high enterprise development potential. The course will also assess the readiness of communities in setting up viable community forest enterprises. The crucial steps from starting an assessment of the livelihood situation and scanning potential products to evaluation of resources, assessing community readiness and prioritizing and mapping key non-timber forest products (NTFPs) will be taught in this training.


At the end of the course, the participants are expected to have an understanding and basic knowledge in using the following tools:

  • Sustainable livelihood assessment tool
  • Enterprise readiness assessment
  • Resource scanning and mapping and market assessment
  • Product/Service identification and prioritization


The training consists of a combination of structured learning exercises , lecture discussions, workshops, and a field visit.

Trainee participants

Community enterprise practitioners, NGOs supporting Community-Based NTFP Enterprises (CBNE) and other natural resource based enterprises managed by communities (coastal products and services based) and government staff with the mandate to support CBNEs, especially those that will actively support the establishment of CBNEs.


Most of the sessions will be held in Sri Aman, Sarawak, Malaysia with a site visit to Rumah Manggat Menyang Taih.


The course will run for a total of five days: 3 days of lectures, 1 day of field workshop and 1 day of processing and preparing a re-entry plan from 1-5 October 2018.

  • Day 0 Sept 30: Arrival in training venue/ Registration and Orientation
  • Day 1 Oct 1: Sustainable Livelihood Analysis and Enterprise Readiness Assessment
  • Day 2 Oct 2: Resource and Market Scanning
  • Day 3 Oct 3: Identification of Sustainable NTFPs and Product/Service
  • Day 4 Oct 4: Field Workshop
  • Day 5 Oct 5: Processing, Re-entry Planning and Closing Ceremonies

Course Fee

Regular Package Rate for the 5-day training includes participation fee, course materials, field visits, meals for the duration of the training, accommodation (twin room sharing for 6 nights)** is USD 950/person* **

  • Discounts are available for group registration of at least 2 participants or to a limited number of participants coming from small, local organizations. Contact us to discuss possible discounts.
  • For participants requiring a single room, an additional amount of 15 USD/night will be  charged

Schedule: 1-5 October 2018
Venue: Sri Aman, Malaysia