Starting a community-based NTFP business: Guaranteed Sustainable and Fair


Local communities, embarking on NTFP enterprises may have different starting points: some may already be working on various products, some may be looking at diversifying their product offerings, while others are expanding to be more inclusive to reach economies of scale. Whether enterprises are just starting out on this journey or are aiming for a fresh start after several failed first attempts, there is always a need for strategic decision-making in preparing and executing an NTFP enterprise.

This EXCEED training will recommend what kind of information to collect, and what kind of skill sets you need for the kind of business you are establishing. While business preparation legal registration aspects are important, so are forming the right team as well as setting your strategy and your targets. In this training, NTFP-EP will guide participants given their individual contexts and situations, while sharing its experience on fair trade, sustainability, participatory certification and forest products labels.


Overall objective:

  • By the end of the training, participants should be able to plot out the strategic steps and have the basic knowledge and skills to start their equitable and sustainable, community–based NTFP enterprises (CBNEs).Specifically, the training aims to:
  • Increase the knowledge capacity of trainees on CBNE establishment and management
  • Increase the knowledge and capacity of trainees on fair trade and participatory certification systems


The training will use a variety of interactive methods to engage the trainees in the material and provide concrete examples to facilitate learning. Informative games and structured learning exercises will also support thematic lectures. Cases from the participants will be used to demonstrate the application of tools and approaches.

Trainee criteria

  • Community enterprise practitioners
  • NGOs supporting CBNEs and government staff with the mandate to support CBNEs, especially those that will actively support the establishment of CBNEs.


The training will be held at the Centre for Development Workers  located in Bulae Inn Village, Bago Township, Bago Region, Myanmar  (Metta Development Center). It is located 40 miles north east of Yangon city.


Community enterprise practitioners, NGOs supporting CBNEs and government staff with the mandate to support CBNEs, especially those that will actively support the establishment of CBNEs.

The course will have 3 days of lectures and hands-on workshops, 1 day of field validation and 1 day of processing and preparing a re-entry plan from 19-23 March 2018.

  • DAY1: Elements of an NTFP business, Starting where you are at: Gap Analysis, Reflecting on scope and scale
  • DAY2:  Differentiating my NTFP business, Growing while tracking and recovering costs, Forming your team
  • DAY3: Fair Trade 101, Principles and global state of Participatory Certification
  • DAY4:  Visit to a natural farming program and indigenous weaving center
  • DAY5: Case presentations, Re-entry plan presentation and mentoring

Course Fee

Regular Package Rate for the 5 day training which includes full accommodations and meals for 6  nights and 6 days (twin sharing), pick up and transfer to and from Yangon airport to Metta training center in Bago, course materials, training kit, mentoring and training from seasoned mentors, translation equipment (when necessary) and field visit costs, is USD 905/person* **

  Minimum of 2 persons from 1 organization – USD 835/ person

** Minimum of 4 persons from 1 organization – USD 795/ person

Early Bird Package Rates are available if participation to the training is confirmed before 15 January, 2018.

Schedule: March 19-23, 2018
Venue: Bago Region, Myanmar