Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Programme

All set for Madhu Duniya 2015!

February 11, 2015

Madhu Duniya, the largest gathering of Asian Forest Honey producers, scientists, supporters and private sector players in the world, is held every four years. It aims to gather various stakeholders to discuss growing trends, challenges and opportunities and share technical and practical knowledge and expertise on forest honey. It seeks to be the platform to promote forest honey as crucial for rural incomes, key for forest conservation and as important for human health around the world and in Asia.

Madhu Duniya was held in India (2007) and in Indonesia (2011) and has resulted in the formation of forest honey networks in at least 5 Asian countries, forging of government permits for forest honey gatherers, inspiring ongoing research on honey for health and medical benefits, and successfully linking private sector partners and producers.

Asian Forest Honey for Good Health and the Green Economy

Forest honey supports incomes of hundreds of thousands of forest dependents in Asia

• The sector has the potential to protect over 7 million hectares of community forests in South and Southeast Asia  through bee habitat conservation

• The sector has the capacity to produce over 2000 tons of forest honey annually from South and Southeast Asia

• The sector has the current and potential capacity to contribute 13 million USD to the Asian economy, not including possible contributions to Europe and other continents

Topic Themes 

• Latest global and international market information on forest honey and the potentials for forest honey

• Rare information on Bee Pollination: the key to food and forest production!

• Understanding how forest honey can make you look younger and healthier

• Market instruments to improve community forestry producers viability in Asia

Who will be there? 

Over 200 participants from the science sector, private sector, government, forest honey producers, intermediaries, civil society participants engaging in the enhanced learning and promotion of forest honey producers and products

What else will you see and do? 

• Product and Knowledge displays of forest honey from at least 7 Asian countries and innovative by-products

• Film festival of at least 10 forest honey films, including award winning films, across Asia

• Honey cycling event in Phnom Penh, energized by honey power sachets

Practical exercises

• Learning about indigenous honey gathering around the Mondulkiri Protected Forest

• Product development- lipbalm making and other health and beauty products

• Beekeeping techniques of a variety of bee species

Madhu Duniya 2015 was made possible through the support of:

NTFP-EP, WWF Cambodia, ICCO, Keystone Foundation, NatureWild, CBHE, MRDC, PFHN, and JMHI

Interested Madhu Duniya 2015 participants may register by downloading the from at: