Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Programme

Tenure Rights & Governance

Promoting the recognition of communal rights, practices and systems of forest management through enabling policies

As the ones with direct contact and natural connections with the forests, communities play an essential role in protecting it. However, despite the relationship of peoples and forests that have withstood time, legal establishment of ownership, use, and protection are yet to be improved. The importance of the establishment of legal frameworks and policies in recognizing forest rights could not be further emphasized as they establish the foundation of an effective forest management.

However, with pressures on forestlands consistently growing, and the communities lacking the capacity and access to resource to allow them to establish their rights, laying the grounds for a community-based forest management system remains a challenge.

By collaboratively continuing to respond to the calls of the people and voice out to the right legal entities through our work, NTFP-EP facilitates the security of the communities’ rights and access to forests. By engaging the strengths of involved stakeholders, from the community to the international level, opportunities towards securing forest rights are starting to unveil.