Forging stronger partnerships across and through Malaysia

The foundation of our work in Malaysia is reviving and building the capacity of partner indigenous communities. Since it established its presence in Miri, Sarawak in 2006, NTFP-EP Malaysia has continually forged partnerships not only with communities, but also organizations and relevant state government representatives working with these communities.

In the following years, we hope to continue supporting partners on issues and build on other themes such as subsistence and community-based enterprise development.

As we pursue to forge collaborations in Sarawak, we will also be expanding our support to partner organizations in Sabah. In line with the organizational strategies, core interventions include collaborative empowerment of knowledge and skills in various respects: research and documentation and assisting the communities in organizing. With focus on further enabling leaders, women, and the youth, themes such as rights, conservation, livelihood, and culture remain at the heart of NTFP-EP Malaysia.

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