Setting-up local marketing intermediaries to provide access and direct link for the community partners to the buyers.

CustomMade Crafts Center

The CustomMade Crafts Center (CMCC) started as a project of NTFP-EP Philippines (formerly NTFP-Task Force). In its effort to conserve forests, the organization works to improve livelihoods of forest and upland dwellers through the promotion of non-timber forest products as a source of income.

CMCC promotes the fair trade message and seeks to expand the market for fairly traded products in the Philippines and beyond. CMCC seeks a stable income source for artisans, and a venue for their self-expression through traditional art forms.

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Borneo Chic

As a brand, Borneo Chic aims to elevate Dayak traditional craft such as anjat, korit, tenun ikat and bemban as fashionable items that promotes the identity and proud culture of the indigenous peoples of Kalimantan. Nevertheless, Borneo Chic aims to sensitize the market with the on-going threats to the forests of Kalimantan and the Dayak people living in it.

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Nature Wild

NatureWild is an enterprise and marketing support service provider initiated by the Cambodia programme of NTFP-EP for South and Southeast Asia in late 2008 . Naturewild directly assists its local network partners particularly community based NTFP enterprises and NGO/social enterprise initiatives. It has since been moving towards more specialized and focused support services

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Green Intermediaries