Enabling partnerships and linkages in communities in Cambodia

The formation of NTFP-EP Cambodia, locally known as the Cambodia NTFP Working Group (CNWG), was a result of the 1st NTFP National Workshop held in Phnom Penh in December 2006. It was formed as a commitment to work together as a network to co-undertake activities in response to issues such as sustainable development, poverty reduction, and environment protection in Cambodia. It is composed of individuals from local and international organization, government offices, and community-based organizations who share a common goal of forming communities that are capable of sustainably improving their livelihoods and claiming their rights while managing their forest for future generations.

It is currently present in 10 provinces and continually expands its network in Cambodia. At the core of it, NTFP-EP Cambodia is focused on providing its members the following: clear voice (through research and advocacy for policy support), one voice (capacity building towards sustainability of resources and organizations), and loud voice (market positioning).

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