NTFP-EP Asia calls on grassroots organizations who are doing initiatives in their forested landscapes to build up and strengthen their capacities in conservation, food security and health, and sustainable resource use and livelihoods.

In this funding facility, we accept applications of grassroots initiatives giving particular attention to:

  1. inclusive, sustainable and gender-just climate actions
  2. innovative and sustainable solutions to environmental and poverty-related issues;
  3. empowerment and rights of IPLCs, women and youth;
  4. partnership and collective action initiated and lead by IPLCs, women or youth.

Themes of the initiative must fall under any or combining these thematic areas:

  1. Natural resources management (NRM): includes enhancement or reviving of sustainable traditional practices, adapting local natural resource management to changing circumstances, improving capacity for monitoring and resource management planning and sharing of important experiences and expertise.
  2. Tenure: especially land rights and access to forest and water resources, territorial claims of local-indigenous communities and land dispute resolution.
  3. Livelihoods: with an emphasis on improving income conditions, through fair trade of forest products from community-based enterprises which have potential to become self-sustained in the future, and by addressing possible impacts on the natural resource base.
  4. Response to threats and environmental defense: notably advocacy around the impact of destructive developments – e.g. massive expansion of pulp and palm oil plantations and mining in Indonesia, Philippines, and other parts of the region - among communities directly affected or within society at large, effective lobby to halt these developments, and better monitoring and enforcement of regulations.
  5. Urgent action, disasters and emergencies
  6. Climate change mitigation and adaptation: by focusing on building resilience among forest–based groups in the face of climate change and testing localized climate change adaptation interventions.

PRSGF will be accessible to more communities within the wider NTFP-EP network in forested areas throughout South and Southeast Asia. Depending on the grant category, the call is open to partner and non-partner community-based organizations (CBOs) of NTFP-EP Asia, primarily in its country networks in Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam, as well as in expansion areas/countries, such as Lao PDR, Myanmar and Thailand.

Type of Grant

Small grant award amounts are modest of up to € 5,000.00, but serve a catalytic purpose and are meant to mobilize additional resources.

Strategic grant award amounts to over € 5,000 to a maximum of € 10,000 for projects with strategic and innovative initiatives such as transboundary community-based projects, exchanges, learning workshops and the like. A strong compelling argument should be made to award the grant.

Travel grant award a maximum of € 1,500.00 for applications that indicate participation of IPLCs, women or youth in NTFP-EP training, exchange and action research in the key themes of community conservation, indigenous food and health, NTFP enterprise and fair trade, tenure / ICCAs.

Grant implementation period may vary according to the project but duration should not exceed 12-months;

Who can Apply

Eligibility of applicants

Application must satisfy each of the criteria identified below:

  • Applicant is a grassroots / community-based organisation or a local CSO. Grassroots groups are those that are community-based and know the local landscape, language, culture and challenges of their constituencies.
  • The applicant may be a partner or non-partner grassroot or community-based organization (CBO) of any NTFP country office
  • Ownership - The project is led or strongly participated by the IPLCs/women/youth; motivation is particularly high among the IPLCs/women/youth;
  • Urgency - if not funded, momentum may be lost or set-back may occur in overall strategy, related to unexpected opportunities or sudden threats, including promising new initiatives needing start-up funds;
  • Other sources of funding are not immediately available (on the assumption that this has been checked by the initiative and its supporters.);
  • Organization (Institutional Capacity) - the initiative is sufficiently well-organized to carry out the activities on its own or adequate assistance/support by others can be relied on;
  • If bridge funding is requested, the applicant organization should:
  • present a reason why the former donor will not fund the activity, and
  • develop a clear operational and resource mobilization plan during the bridge fund period.
  • All projects should utilize the most efficient, environment-friendly tools and resources to prevent any damage to the environment.
  • This includes use of organic and natural materials for fertilizers, pesticides, etc. as an example, if required by the project.
  • Timeframe of small grants projects must run for 6 to a maximum of 12 months.
  • Applications are accepted per cycle, on a first come-first serve basis.

How to Apply

  1. Download application guidelines and forms from the following: NTFP-EP website: http://www.ntfp.org/grants. It is recommended that applicants carefully read the guidelines prior to accomplishing the PRSGF application/proposal and budget forms.
  2. Fill-up the application forms:
    • Application/proposal (in MS Word) should be three (3-5) pages only.
    • Applications may be submitted in any of these languages of their preference: English, Bahasa-Indonesia, Bahasa-Malaysia, Tagalog, Bisaya, Vietnamese
    • Budget (in MS Excel) should indicate detailed expense budget [80% or more of the fund should be allocated for project activities and not on operations and salaries]
  3. Email completed application forms to grants@ntfp.org
    • addressed to: The PRSGF Secretariat, NTFP-EP Asia
    • indicate in the subject line – PRSGF Application 2021 (your organization)
  4. Starting 2021, we will set the following deadlines in receiving applications for each grant cycle. August 10, October 4, December 6. Review and approval of proposals will be on a first come-first serve basis. For 2022, grant cycles, commencing with the acceptance of applications, will be on the first Monday of a quarter’s 1st month: January 3, April 5, July 5, October 4.
  5. Wait for notification and/or acknowledgement of your submission. If acknowledgement is not received after 15 working days from submission, please email your follow-up to grants@ntfp.org. The anticipated volume of applications for this call and internet connectivity problems may affect our response time to some submissions.
  6. Successful applicant will be notified through their preferred mode of contact once their proposal is selected.
Downloadable Forms

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