Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Programme

Indigenous Food & Health

Deepening the rich and diverse traditional knowledge on subsistence and health systems across generations of forest-based communities

Many of the known non-timber forest products (NTFPs) are utilized as staple foods and medicines by many forest-based communities. For these communities, traditional gathering of NTFPs, hunting, and fishing are vital adjuncts to farming and together cater to their primary subsistence need. Additionally, these NTFPs are essential ingredients in traditional health care systems especially in traditional medicine.

Currently, with shrinking forestlands, strong acculturative pressures, and the usual neglect of the role of subsistence uses of NTFPs, the preservation and inter-generational transfer of relevant knowledge and skills pose a significant threat not only to the function of peoples in forest protection, but also the relevance of forests to peoples.

In our efforts to promote the use of NTFPs, we continue to build a platform that allows for extensive knowledge research, documentation, development, and dialogue not only among our partner communities but also involving experts from the academe, government, and civil society.