Who can apply?

 Applicants are grassroots groups or community-based organizations who are familiar with the local landscape, language, culture and challenges of their constituencies. Depending on the category applied for, groups may come from the women and girls sector, or the general indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCs) in selected countries in Asia.

For more details, kindly visit the grant categories (Please make this clickable to be directed to the grant categories part) for the specific groups and priority countries eligible to apply under each category.
Can non-NTFP member apply for a grant?

 Yes, an applicant may be a partner or non-partner grassroot or community-based organization (CBO) of any NTFP country office

Are there priority countries?

 Yes, depending on the grant category. For the Women and Just-Climate Actions grant, this is open to women and girls in Indonesia and the Philippines. The other 2 categories are open to IPLCs in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and other NTFP-EP partners in Asia.

What types of projects can be supported?

 Projects or initiatives may include any or a combination of the following:
  Inclusive, sustainable and gender-just climate actions
  Innovative and sustainable solutions to environmental and poverty-related issues;
  Empowerment and rights of IPLCs, women and youth;
  Partnership and collective action initiated and lead by IPLCs, women or youth.

These priority actions should touch on the themes of: Natural resources management, Tenure, Livelihoods, Response to threats and environmental defense, Climate change mitigation and adaptation, or Urgent action, disasters and emergencies.
What are the requirements for application?

 Applicants need to submit a narrative proposal with budget needs, submitted through email or regular mail. We also accept proposals in video form responding to the information needed based on our application form

Can we submit application in local language?

 Applications may be submitted in any of these languages of preference: English, Bahasa-Indonesia, Bahasa-Malaysia, Tagalog, Bisaya/Cebuano, Vietnamese.

Does the applicant grassroot organization need to be formally registered?

 No, they do not need to have an official recognition, such as from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Does the organization need to have a bank account?

 Not necessarily. Organizations without bank accounts may apply as long as they indicate through a written agreement that the applicant will engage with another local organization or non-government organization (NGO) as its conduit or fund channel.

I do not have a stable internet connection, nor a mobile signal. How can I apply?

 Applications may be sent via regular mail or given to an NTFP-EP staff. Other options of submitting applications may be arranged as agreed with NTFP-EP Asia

Should you need to talk to us, please contact us through the following:

Email: grants@ntfp.org
Mobile/WhatsApp: +639177080520
Landline: +63-(02)-8967-6127
How much can the grant support?

 Depending on grant type and category, the amount of grants ranges from €100 to €5,000 and up to €10,000 for strategic grants.

How can we access the Quick Response Grant (QRG)?

 Interested applicants should write to NTFP-EP Asia, addressed to the Executive Director, informing his/her intent to access the grant. S/he should also submit a budget request, with fund (bank) transfer information, as well as an endorsement letter from a partner/network/alliance member or NTFP-EP country office.

For more information about QRG, please visit Grants Category.

What is the project timeframe?

 Grant implementation period may vary according to the project and category, but duration should not exceed 12-months.

Is there a deadline for proposal submission?

 Yes, there is a deadline. Starting 2021, NTFP-EP Asia will set the following deadlines in receiving applications for each grant cycle. August 10, November 8. Review and approval of proposals will be on a first come-first serve basis.

For 2022, the deadline of applications will be on the first Monday of a quarter’s 1st month: January 3, April 5, July 5, October 4.

Are proposals from NGOs accepted?

 Proposals from NGOs may be considered, however, needs to demonstrate a clear arrangement and justification why the project needs to be managed or channeled through the NGO and not directly the grassroots or community-based organizations.

How many times is a group allowed to apply?

 Re-granting is allowed up to a second time in a different grant cycle or fiscal year.

For second-time grantee, the applicant needs to justify the additional support it is requesting. It should be a step-up and sustaining the benefits from its previous initiative.

How long should I expect my application to be processed?

 Applications will be processed all at once within a project cycle. This may take around 4-6 weeks until awarding of grants.

Meanwhile, for QRG, processing and approval must be done within 72 hours from its request, while funds will be transferred within 3 weeks, at the maximum.

Where can I find more information about the grant?

 For more information, please visit the PRSGF page at https://ntfp.org/grants/ or contact us through any of the following:

Email: grants@ntfp.org
Mobile/WhatsApp: +639177080520
Landline: +63-(02)-8967-6127

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