This report provides an overview of the progress made by the Green Livelihoods Alliance in 2021, the first 12 months of the programme. It describes the results and outcomes that have been achieved so far and reflects on what aspects of the programme are on track and why, as well as where more attention is needed.

In this report we aim to provide a comprehensive oversight of where the programme stands and how we areoperationalising our ToC. As input, we used information from:
• Eleven country annual reports by GLA partners using input from outcome harvesting exercises and reflection meetings and one report focusing on activities in the Netherlands not covered by the LGL policy dossier reports (see next bullet).
• Six GLA LGL annual reports addressing progress on issues that connect the local context to inter-national (policy) processes and vice-versa. This work is captured in two thematic programmes [JET and Community Rights and Deforestation Drivers (CRDD)] and four policy dossiers [Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD); EU Deforestation legislation; UN Binding Treaty and Due Diligence legisla-
tion; UNFCCC and nationally determined contributions (NDC)]

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