This database aims to become a comprehensive source of data on non-timber forest products in the South and Southeast region. It showcases those NTFPs in the six countries where EP partners have a presence, namely India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia.

The database is more than just an online profile of NTFPs. Other interesting and lesser known information in relation to socio-cultural roles, management practices, and specific are recognised.

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Common Name Scientific Name Family NTFP Classification Countries Found Parts
Rattan Plectocomia pierreana Becc. Arecaceae Crafts and furniture making Cambodia other
Rattan Plectocomiopsis Becc. Crafts and furniture making
Rattan Plectocomiopsis geminiflora (Griff.) Becc. Arecaceae Cambodia
Red Lutos or Baino Nelumbium nelumbo, Druce Nymphaeaeceae Food and food ingredients (plant-derived), Ornamental plants Philippines fruits
Round-leaf Salago Wikstroemia ovata C. E. Mey. Thymelaeaceae Philippines
Royal palm Oreodoxa regia HBK. Arecaceae/Palmae Ornamental plants Philippines
Sabutan Pandanus sabotan Blanco. Pandanaceae Philippines leaves, leaflets
Saging-saging Aegiceras corniculatum (Linn.) Blanco. Myrsinaceae Philippines
Sagisi Heterospathe elata Scheff. Arecaceae/Palmae Food and food ingredients (plant-derived), Ornamental plants Philippines fruits buds leaves, leaflets
sago Eugeissona utilis Food and food ingredients (plant-derived) other
Sago palm or Lumbia Metroxylon sagu Roxb. Palmae Exudates and extracts, Food and food ingredients (plant-derived), Ornamental plants Indonesia Malaysia Philippines buds
sal Shorea robusta Gaertn. f Dipterocarpaceae Other commercial and industrial uses India leaves, leaflets
Salabagin Flacourtia rukam Zoll. et M. Flacourtiaceae Food and food ingredients (plant-derived) Philippines fruits
Salagisog Cibotium barametz (Linn.) Sm. Cyatheaceae Medicinal, aromatics and cosmetics Philippines leaves, leaflets
Salago Wikstroemia spp. Thymelaeaceae Exudates and extracts, Other commercial and industrial uses Philippines bark, bast
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