This database aims to become a comprehensive source of data on non-timber forest products in the South and Southeast region. It showcases those NTFPs in the six countries where EP partners have a presence, namely India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia.

The database is more than just an online profile of NTFPs. Other interesting and lesser known information in relation to socio-cultural roles, management practices, and specific are recognised.

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Common Name Scientific Name Family NTFP Classification Countries Found Parts
Attukoli Ficus dalhousiae Miq. Moraceae Exudates and extracts India  leaves, leaflets
axlewood Anogeissus latifolia (Wallich ex Guill. Perr) = Conocarpus latifolia DC. Combretaceae Medicinal, aromatics and cosmetics, Food and food ingredients (plant-derived), Feed, fodder and fuelwood India, Thailand, Vietnam bark, bast, seeds, trunk
Ayo Tetrastigma harmandii Pl Vitaceae Food and food ingredients (plant-derived)  Philippines  fruits, leaves, leaflets
Baathy Anisomeles malabarica (Linn.) R.Br. ex Sims = Nepeta malabarica Linn. Lamiacea Medicinal, aromatics and cosmetics  India leaves, leaflets 
Bagilumbang Aleurites trisperma Blanco Euphorbiaceae Exudates and extracts Philippines
Bago Gnetum gnemon L Gnetaceae Food and food ingredients (plant-derived), Crafts and furniture making Philippines fruits leaves, leaflets other
Bagu-balanak Pothos spp. Araceae Crafts and furniture making Philippines roots
Bakauan-babae Rhizophora mucronata Lam. Rhizophoraceae Philippines
Bakembakes Malachra capitata Jacq Malvaceae Exudates and extracts, Other commercial and industrial uses Philippines bark, bast
Bakong Pandanus Dubius Spreng. Pandanaceae Crafts and furniture making Philippines leaves, leaflets
Bakto Cephalostachym mindorense Gamble. Poaceae Philippines
Bakuit Sporobolus elongates R. Br. Poaceae Crafts and furniture making Philippines flowers
Balanggot Cyperus malaccensis Lam. Cyperaceae Crafts and furniture making Philippines stems
Balatbat Licuala spinosa Wurmb. Philippines
Balete Ficus benjamina Linn. Moraceae Philippines
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