This database aims to become a comprehensive source of data on non-timber forest products in the South and Southeast region. It showcases those NTFPs in the six countries where EP partners have a presence, namely India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia.

The database is more than just an online profile of NTFPs. Other interesting and lesser known information in relation to socio-cultural roles, management practices, and specific are recognised.

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Common Name Scientific Name Family NTFP Classification Countries Found Parts
Vetiver or Moras Andropogon zizanioides (L.) Urb. Poaceae alt. Gramineae Food and food ingredients (plant-derived), Crafts and furniture making Philippines leaves, leaflets roots
Vettiver Vetiveria zizaniooides Nash = Andropogon squarrosus Hack. Phalaris zizanoides Linn. Poaceae Medicinal, aromatics and cosmetics, Crafts and furniture making India roots
Voiavoi Phoenix hanceana Naudin. var philippinensis Becc. Palmae Ornamental plants Philippines Taiwan, Province of China leaves, leaflets
White water-lily Nymphaeaceae Food and food ingredients (plant-derived) Philippines seeds
Wild tea or Kalamoga Ehretia microphylla Lam. Boraginaceae Exudates and extracts Philippines leaves, leaflets
wishbone flower Torenia flava Buch. -Ham. ex Benth. Schophulariaceae
Yam or Tungo Dioscorea Esculenta (Lour.) Burkill. Dioscoreaceae Food and food ingredients (plant-derived) Philippines
Yellow raspberry Rubus ellipticus Sm. Rosaceae Philippines
Zedoary or Barak Curcuma zedoaria Bosc. Zingeberaceae Exudates and extracts, Medicinal, aromatics and cosmetics Philippines roots
Ziziphus rugose Lam. Ziziphus rugose Lam. Rhamnaceae Medicinal, aromatics and cosmetics, Feed, fodder and fuelwood India bark, bast
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