Assert CBFM

The ASSERT CBFM in NDCs Project (Assessing, Engaging, and Recognizing Community-based Forest Management towards Nationally Determined Contributions in the Philippines) stems from the collective aspiration of the Non-Timber Forest Products – Exchange Programme (NTFP-EP), Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Forest Management Bureau, and other key stakeholders to recognize the contributions of CBFM to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

As a two-year project, its goal is to assess, engage, and recognize CBFM towards the NDCs in the country. To this end, the project is expected to:

  1. Convene CBFM partners, and assess their current knowledge and capacity on ecosystem-based adaptation framework and NDCs;
  2. Enhance the knowledge and capacity of CBFM partners on climate change and NDCs;
  3. Conduct pilot studies in Palawan and Sierra Madre landscapes that will increase the knowledge and common understanding on the contributions of CBFM to the NDCs;
  4. Document learnings and policy recommendations on how CBFM contributes to the NDCs;
  5. Mainstream the results of CBFM assessment into CBFM National Working Group’s programming; and,
  6. Adopt and elevate to key national and regional discussions the recommendations from the collaborative learning and knowledge exchange group.

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