Annual Report 2021
May 30, 2023

The 2021 Annual Report is the first year report against the 10-year Linking Peoples and Forest Regional Strategy 2021-2030 of the NTFP-EP in Asia towards Rights, Health and Livelihoods.

NTFP-EP’s vision is to see “resilient indigenous peoples and local communities with women and youth in Asia who are respected stewards of healthy forests and who are living securely in their land for generations to come.”

NTFP-EP’s annual report from 2021 and each year thereafter is intended to provide a yearly synopsis of achievements across the four pathways that reinforce each other; we expect these ripples of results to accumulate and build up over time into meaningful and long-term impacts. These accounts shall be shared from across countries where NTFP-EP works—Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam—and across the thematic programs for which NTFP-EP dedicates its resources.

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