Case Study on Food Security, Livelihoods and Customary Tenure Recognition in Laos
August 24, 2023

This report by the Asian Farmers Association, with support from NTFP-EP Asia and the Mekong Region Land Governance, aims to assess the status of customary tenure recognition and implementation in livelihoods and food security in Laos. It is part of the “Strengthening Regional Mechanisms and Capacities in Engaging, Implementing, and Adopting Customary Tenure (CT) recognition and free, prior, and informed consent (FPIC) as safeguards in the Mekong region’ project led by the Asian Farmers’ Association for Sustainable Rural Development. As a partner organization, Lao Farmer Network (LFN) commissioned the case study of Laos through literature review, key informant interviews, and group focus discussion in communities.

This study aims to answer the following questions:

  1. How does CT recognition improve and enhance the livelihoods and food security of communities in Laos?
  2. How do traditional livelihood and the consideration for food security enhance support for formal CT recognition in communities in Laos?
  3. How can CT recognition defend communities against increasing threats to their livelihoods and food security such as those brought about by the rising demand for land, and climate change impacts, among others?
  4. What forms or mechanisms for recognizing CT best support communities’ livelihoods and food security?

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