Shared labels: selling stories that conserve biocultural diversity and promote resilience
May 8, 2023

This report provides a collection and analysis of six case studies which introduce trailblazing shared label initiatives by smallholder organisations across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Each case study explores the motivation for collective marketing action, the choice of claims to make through a shared label, the control over the standards behind the claims, and the importance of context for outcomes.

The lessons learnt from these cases provide a robust resource for smallholder organisations, forest and farm producer organisations and their support structures in their efforts to give market value to product diversity, sociocultural origin and environmental sustainability. This report also shows that the ecological, economic and sociocultural advantages of shared label approaches are manifold and do not only benefit the producers themselves, but also consumers, the wider general public and the planet as a whole.

This report is co-authored by Emanuelle Andaya, Crissy Guerrero and Femy Pinto of NTFP-EP Asia.

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